Reference Application Data Display Widgets/Fragments

I have been looking at and wondering whether there is any thinking/work that has been done with regards to adding such widgets to the Ref App.

Quick ideas for Patient dashboard:

  1. Last n or Most recent n observations of a concept
  2. Last n or Most recent n observations of a list of concept questions
  3. Graph of observations for a concept (probably from Chart Search)

Perhaps should you move this to the #software:bahmni category?

@mksd this is for Reference Application to produce similar widgets

It’s because you wrote:

… that I had the impression perhaps that you wanted the input of the Bahmni team there.

Actually, we had started some work in that direction (that got put on hold). It was an enhancement of the vitals widget so that it would be configurable, would show the latest value of each obs and would display a 24h ‘quick chart’ (with then a final link to take the user to the Chart Search). That was the rough idea. It’s done in Angular and it wasn’t so far from completion. It’s parked here for now but it could totally be moved out, renamed… etc.

I think it’s a great idea to start doing more configurable dashboard widgets for the reference application, perhaps including these in the coreapps module. And we should create a space to properly document these.

For example the Vitals display actually uses a “mostRecentEncounter” fragment (see code), but I don’t think this is documented anywhere.

It would also be nice to make the dashboard more easily configurable, but even without this adding more widgets would be valuable.

Ideally these get implemented as reusable components in the the javascript/OWA style. But even if they’re done as gsp fragments, it should be easy enough to port them to a new framework in the future.