Reference Application 2.9 Testing

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(Daniel Kayiwa) #41

@reubenv yes update it with the latest.

(Cynthia Antwi) #42

Hey Everyone

@reubenv have we managed to move further?

(Reuben Varghese) #43

Hey @c.antwi, yes I’m working on it. Got some time off from school. Will get to the work and finish most of it over the next few days hopefully. So sorry about the lack of response from my side

(Reuben Varghese) #44

@raff @dkayiwa, I have just tried updating mdsbuilder with the latest ciel version. I have created a PR for the same here. That being said, even after all this, the General patient note (165095) concept does not show up in the exported zip files generated by the DataExchange Module.

I can confirm that the concept exists in the database. The output of the Sql query is given here

ps: I also opened the generated zip files manually and tried searching for this concept but it does not exist in these files.

(Daniel Kayiwa) #45

Are you able to share the server side log when you generate this file?

(Reuben Varghese) #46

@dkayiwa , the server side logs do not seem to be of much help. Nonetheless, here it is.

(Daniel Kayiwa) #47

What are the exact steps that i need to reproduce this problem?

(Reuben Varghese) #48

@dkayiwa On the mds builder you can follow the following steps:

  • Enter the mysql docker container and then run mysql. then you may run the following command

select * from concept_name WHERE concept_id='165095'; NOTE: This step is just for validation and is not needed as I have already done it and posted the results in my last post.

  • Once you have verified that the 165095 concept exits in the db, you may download the generated zip files by going to this link.

Here download the latest zips for each of the following : Reference Application Concepts, Reference Application Diagnoses, Reference Application Order Entry and Allergies Concepts

  • Open the xml files in the zip using any text editor and search for 165095. Technically, the concept should be a part of this zip as it is a concept that exists in the database.

  • The result is that you will notice that this concept(and maybe others) is not part of the generated zips even though it actually exists in the database.

(Daniel Kayiwa) #49

@reubenv did you first create a new version for any of those packages with that concept added?

(Reuben Varghese) #50

@dkayiwa Yes , surely I did. As you can see , each of those versions i.e. 23,18 and 11 are all packages that I had generated after updating the server to the latest SQL file. In fact , you can also delete the latest and re-generate the package and the contents will still be the same i.e. 165095 is not a part of it

(Daniel Kayiwa) #51

Is there any reason why you are not using the latest versions of the metadatasharing and metadatamapping modules?

(Reuben Varghese) #52

@dkayiwa , you mean on the mdsbuilder server? If so, then I haven’t loaded these modules into the mdsbuilder. Probably @cintiadr or @raff would know about that.

(Rafal Korytkowski) #53


(Rafal Korytkowski) #54

@reubenv, just checked and you did not include the 165095 concept in Reference Application Concepts package. You do that by creating a new version from the latest one and then clicking “Choose individually”, search for concept to add, tick the checkbox and click Save. Just did that and created version 24 of that package. You can now generate export with Data Exchange module using version 24.

(Reuben Varghese) #55

Thanks for solving this issue for me @raff ! I was never aware of this since the release process wiki does not mention this.

(Reuben Varghese) #56

Dear all,

This is to announce the second testing phase that we are having for the reference application distribution. The UAT server has been updated to also include the fixes for the bugs reported during our first phase of testing.

Before going ahead with the final release, we have one final phase of testing to go through. For this purpose, the OpenMRS User Acceptance Testing server located here , has been updated. For your reference, kindly check out the list of modules along with their versions that are going to be included in the final release here .

You may also check out the list of modules along with their versions that are going to be included in the final release here .

I request all the community members to kindly test the modules out and especially urge the module developers to test their respective modules out thoroughly so as to ensure that the release goes smoothly.

The testing period will end on 6th April 2019 and should there be no major bugs reported , the final distro will be released the following weekend.

Thank you for your cooperation :smile: !

EDIT: Please use this notepad for reporting your bugs . Thanks for your cooperation and happy testing!

cc: @dkayiwa @burke @mogoodrich @mseaton @darius @ssmusoke

(Cynthia Antwi) #57

Thanks @reubenv for pushing through and getting us this far. It is indeed very exciting.

(harisu fanyui) #58

Hello all,

I noticed a small UI issue. When creating a user and provide weak password you just get a failure “Validation errors found Failed to save account details” without telling you what type of validation. But the length check passed. Reproduceable at and when installed as a distribution.

(Reuben Varghese) #59

Thanks for reporting this @harisu , what’s your take on this @dkayiwa? Is it something major enough to be looked at before 2.9 gets released or shall this be pushed to the next release?

(Daniel Kayiwa) #60

Let us push it to the next release.