Reference Application 2.8.1 Released!


It’s a moment of joy for the openmrs community as we announce the long awaited OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8.1 release. Its built on the OpenMRS Platform version 2.1.3 just like 2.8.0. It’s just a maintenance release for 2.8.0 which runs the latest 2.23.0 module.

Please see the Release notes for more information. As always, if you find any bugs, feel free to report them in our ticket tracking system.

Reference Application 2.8.1 has been a great community effort and I would like to congratulate and raise a toast to all the developers, testers and the contributors for their amazing efforts in making this release possible. Kindly accept my sincere appreciation and maintain the same spirit as we save more lives!!!

Samuel Male


well done @ all contributors

Great job all contributors!!

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That’s amazing! Well done, everyone. :slight_smile:

A moment for everyone to cherish! Superb work by the contributors :smile:

Wow! Nicely done, everyone - what a wonderful way to end the year!

Weldone @samuel34