Reference Application 2.7 Target Features

Continuing the discussion from Reference Application 2.7 Planning, Ideas, Features and Road Map:

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Following the June 5, 2017 design call notes here (

A summary of planned features for RefApp 2.7 due for release in October 2017 are:

Large Features

  1. Improved Reporting Support
  • Allow people to build reports without having to program (less confusing access to reporting)
  • New Cohort builder
  • Refactor Configuration to be externalized (e.g. using Initializer module)
  1. Use newer version of Platform

  2. OCL Subscription Module

  3. UI Improvements/Refactoring

  • UI Bootstrap support for pages, widgets and OWAs
  • Responsive layout for multiple screen sizes
  1. Condition Lists

Small Features

  1. App Framework fixes to ease the process of creating and managing widgets
  • Viewing widget JSON configuration
  • Improving clarity and usage of extension points, apps, widgets for configuration
  1. Improve non-code configuration - leveraging the workings of the initializer module

Please note that this list is for guidance purposes and shall evolve as we work towards the release and thresh out more details for the features

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