Reference Application 2.6 Release Process

Continuing the discussion from Volunteer to be the OpenMRS RefApp 2.6 Release Manager:

@grimm As the release manager can we begin working on the Release Process documented here

@grimm do you think you will be available for this? Or should we choose another release manager?

Hello @dkayiwa, following the recent internet ban in the part of Cameroon where I live, I’m not very sure if I’ll be online at all moments as I predicted. I would really love to have taken this role, but I don’t think it will be possible. I think it will be best to choose a new Release Manager. But I hope this not mean I can never be a release manager in the future?

@grimm we are please very sorry about the internet ban. Yes i read about it and i long for the time when you will regain your freedom for internet! Thanks again for the response and we look forward to the future when the conditions will enable you to be a release manager and hence accomplish your heart’s desire to the fullest! :slight_smile:

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@dkayiwa Does this mean a new search for the new release manager is on? @grimm sorry about the ban , we are grad that despite the conditions you will still be contributing to the community!

Yes we need to get a replacement.

SO we need to start a fresh publication of the position . Am hoping @maurya can read this too?