Reference Application 2.5 is Ready for Testing

This is to Request and to Inform everyone that Reference Application 2.5 is ready for Testing by all OpenMRS users! The link for Testing and login credentials:

Username Password
admin Admin123
doctor Doctor123
nurse Nurse123
clerk Clerk123
sysadmin Sysadmin123

Choose any of the cedentials above to do the testing.

Please create the tickets for the arising issues or report the issues here (in this topic) and tickets will be created.

And to all module owners please make sure all your modules are ready please check to see the status of your modules as regards Reference Application 2.5.

Kindly Note that UAT(Testing) deadline is on this sunday 6/11/2016.

Thank you.


Thanks @taremwatadeo! Is there a timeline for this testing – i.e., when is the deadline for testing RefApp 2.5?

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@burke we shall determine the deadline for end of UAT after we are done resolving issues of releasing the ciel dictionary

@taremwatadeo, my understanding is that @raff plans to have the mdsbuilder updated today, so you should be able to proceed tomorrow. @dkayiwa is going to release Platform 2.0.1 immediately with this change:

along with several other recent bug fixes, since we need TRUNK-2809 for RefApp 2.5. Let’s try to get this updated version of RefApp 2.5 depending on Platform 2.0.1 and with updated CIEL from mdsbuilder within the next 24-48 hours if at all possible, so we can proceed with testing.

/cc @bharatak (fyi)

I noticed the OWA apps aren’t working on UAT-RefApp.

It turns out the app base url setting was missing for OWA. Once I set it to “/openmrs/owa” things worked. I left the ticket for @dkayiwa or @taremwatadeo to take to ensure the app base url setting is configured out of the box in RefApp 2.5.

Reference Application 2.5 has been released: Reference Application 2.5 Released