Reference Application 2.4 Release Notes

Continuing the discussion from Reference Application 2.4 Release:

I have created a Reference Application 2.4 Release Notes document which module owners can edit to indicate major changes for this release.

The document indicates modules owners as well as module version deltas.

Can module owners update this document appropriately.


Thanks to module owners (@darius, @mogoodrich, @mseaton, @Wyclif, @raff, @dkayiwa, @k_joseph ) for releasing modules for the release. (Not everyone who has worked to help make this happen has necessarily been mentioned.)

The release notes include high level changes of which there is expected not to be very many. However this is a reminder that where there are significant changes between release 2.3 and 2.4, these must be documented.

Can module owners please use Reference Application 2.4 Release Notes document to document these changes?


I have updated the release notes doc after reviewing commits on github and issues in JIRA.

Module owners are encouraged to review the release notes doc for accuracy.


Thanks for doing this @jdegraft!

Just to check, I presume you’ll be picking just a few of these to highlight at the top of the release notes in a short bullet list, and then including the rest in the full table of modules, right?


Yes, @darius, that is the general idea.