Reference Application 2.13.0-SNAPSHOT Testing

Hello all,
As we all know, the Reference application 2.13.0 version release is already long overdue. That being said, we are now reaching the final phase of the release process and have successfully released all modules that will be included in the Reference Application 2.13.0 distribution.

However, before going ahead with the final release, we have one final phase of testing to go through. For this purpose, the OpenMRS User Acceptance Testing server located here , has been updated. For your reference, kindly check out the list of modules along with their versions that are going to be included in the final release here .

I request all the community members to kindly test the modules out and especially urge the module owners to test their respective modules out thoroughly so as to ensure that the release goes smoothly.

The testing period will end on 10th March 2023 and should there be no major bugs reported, the final distro will be released the following weekend.

Thank you for your cooperation :smile: !

Kindly follow this link to share your feedback. Thanks in advance!

cc @dev1, @dev2 , @dev3 , @dev4 , @dev5, @mherman22, @AMPATH, @MekomSolutions, @PIH , @METS


@jwnasambu how about taking advantage of automated tests that resides in the qaframework?

Could you update the sharing settings of the doc to be accessed?

kindly did you try opening the link? I granted access to everyone with a link.

Congs upon reaching this testing phase

I am not able to access it too.

Wow! Sorry about this! @kdaud and @mherman22 is the document accessible now?

Yeah! It is accessible now @jwnasambu

Well done :clap:@jwnasambu, Just a quick question can these tests be done via QA framework or have to be done manually.


Am going to do both manual and automated testing. Kindly feel free to do what is convinient with you. The manual testing will be limited to features whose test cases don’t exist on the QA framwork.

@mherman22 do you have the bandwidth to backUp the release manager in setting up the environment for the automated tests to run on RefApp 2.13.0-SNAPSHOT? @jwnasambu do we have the UAT server setup already?

Yeah i do, and i think this should be as easy as changing the qa-refapp server to use this released version of refapp. Then, we will trigger the workflows using github actions.

If the interest is in setting up the environment locally, i will be available to assist

Kindly @mherman22 and @kdaud how can I get access to the QA repository so that I can be able to trigger the workflows?

Please look through → OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0-beta (Ready for Testing) - #11 by mherman22 to be able to do the local setup.

For triggering the workflows using github actions, look through → OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0-beta (Ready for Testing) - #13 by kdaud as an alternative as we wait for @kdaud

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@jwnasambu is the server for RefApp 2.13.0-SNAPSHORT(something like UAT server) already set up?

Oh sorry! you didn’t get the chance to see it. This is the UAT server link Login. Besides, am trying to come up with a write up to guide members interested in testing in relation to what my mentor @mherman22 has shared.

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@jwnasambu could you raise a PR to switch the server at files 1–> and <—2 to point at the UAT instance?

Keeping in mind that the qa-server is already having the same configurations as can be seen at openmrs-distro-referenceapplication/pom.xml at 4a083070d1f1f6543fed74a0a4f33dbfe4a68dd4 · openmrs/openmrs-distro-referenceapplication · GitHub

@kdaud I have raised the PR on this link Switch server by jwnasambu · Pull Request #478 · openmrs/openmrs-contrib-qaframework · GitHub. However, all the tests are failing after switching to the UAT server because of Unable to locate element: *[name='OWASP-CSRFTOKEN'](..).

I have put a comment on the PR.

Are you interested in running automated tests for Reference Application 2.13.0-SNAPSHOT locally? Kindly follow these steps:

  1. clone the repository → GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-contrib-qaframework.

  2. cd into the repository using → cd openmrs-contrib-qaframework

  3. Import the project in your preferred IDE and change the file to something like this:


and save the changes.

  1. Navigate to the qaframework-bdd-tests module using → cd qaframework-bdd-tests.
  2. Trigger npm run in the terminal in order to see all the workflows that have been created
  3. Trigger any test workflow by running the command: → npm run workflowName, e.g. npm run refapp2ClinicalVisit

Kindly report you findings on this link.