Reference Application 2.12.0 released

Thanks @grace for your work too towards making this everything advanced, we really appreciate your hard work, Thanks to gsoc team for improving security vulnerabilities, For qa, wow qa support team have done an amazing improvement with stability ,test coverage , maintainability of refapp2.12. What am sure of, its more elegant than the formar refapp 2.11 because it have quite number of improvements.Thanks @herbert24

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@herbert24 was the RefApp standalone version 2.12 published successfully on site?

well the actual place is let me re -check again with @zuzanna thanks @kdaud

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@herbert24 did you confirm from @zuzanna that RefApp 2.12.0 standalone version was published on the download page?

cc: @grace

Nope, it’s not. Could you send me details so I’ll publish it?

Am sure @herbert24 is the right person with the required details. And I think the version that need to be published is RefApp 2.12.2 following security advisory at

cc: @dkayiwa @ibacher

Excellent catch @kdaud. We should definitely incorporate website updates into our Release SOP. @zuzanna there are a few things I’m not clear on so I will work with the last release manager today to update our website; then I’ll reply here to explain how to do it in the future.


oki doki, @grace

hi @grace pinging you about this on slack

Quick update: we updated the website within 12hrs of my last post. I’ll follow up as soon as I get time to explain how to do so.

thanks grace

congraturation goes to all team members and @herbert24 for the effort . I @Josephkagimu joined not so long but feel great for our Projects, I wish to put much effort for the next release …

thanks @josephkagimu1 for joining the community you can always have your text unbold as you keep learning around the community

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@herbert24 do we have documentation for this version of the reference application? The latest that i can find is for 2.11.0 Reference Application 2.11.0 - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

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Looks like we just have release notes for 2.12.0 and 2.12.1: Release Notes 2.12.1 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki

@dkayiwa the documentation for this was updated to 2.12.1

@herbert24 can you share a url to that documentation?

ohh hope i am not missing some thing i see we also have Release Notes 2.12.0 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki

Am not looking for release notes. But documentation. Just like the link i shared for 2.11.0