Reference Application 2.11.0 release Updates

Hello Community! j would like to thank the entire community for great help in the enticing release of the coming refApp 2.11.0. Currently we have been focussed on the sprint 2 which included solving bugs both in Refapp and qa-contrib where by the sprint ended last friday. As @tendomart had suggested, during this sprint we have covered a number of tickets and 70% of them are under in development still , others were merged into master and others are still under ready for work thumbs up for those driving those tickets

Since we plan to have our full release of RefApp 2.11.0 on before the conference which is 30th/Nov. i would wish to encourage more testers of refapp to continue test manually and more more volunteer to chip in in those tickets as we did it in the first case especially the priority refapp states ,forexample

  1. Login Page


3.Concept dictionary Note: For concept dictionary we had agreed to get rid of covid19 concepts which we finished so i hope current concept dictionary is up to date, but again i would like more testers to continue carryout tests covid19 concepts which may /maynot have stuck in the current concept dictionary to be more than sure 4.choosing location of session For more prioritising creteria checkout here.

The TODOs This week we working on setting up openmrs UAT server up to date with current refapp distro properties and be ready for testing purposes, so we plan to have our alpha release out before this week to encourage us of more testing This basically include what features we have worked on during the last sprints and updated modules in refapp distro FYI each module that is being updated should also be updated to openmrs addons if anything happens like a bug we can also prioritize it

Update openmrs addons to reflect current two refapp versions both module versions of refapp2.10.0 and their respective versions and refapp 2.11.0 WHY because currently it only reflect refapp2.9 tag specifically as seen here cc @dkayiwa Any suggestion here

Thanks everyone cant mention All but i appreciate for this milestone of release of REFAPP2.11.0 Best regards

@sharif: RefApp 2.11.0 Release Manager


thanks @sharif

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Thanks @sharif

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Is this of help?

Sure thanks i will update them