Reference Application 2.10-SNAPSHOT testing sprint!

thanks @rmkanda and well done

Hi @rmkanda thanks for good work, i have been testing to comfirm your testing, Seems your first approach is different, which servers are you using such that we can be on the same track because so fur mine is ok, Part 1 of your RA resting

Great work @rmkanda , @herbert24 and @christine , i will surely get time to look through the issues and ticket them down . weldone.
Thanks too @sharif
cc @reagan @ruhanga

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So fur i have tested four parts one for Patient marked as deceased which requires a fix for dropdown menu for deceased patients.

Another fix is in edit visit in patient dashboard page , which is to be first fixed in RA 2.9.0 this edit visit link seems to be not functioning . i went ahead and created a ticket for that , @mozzy you can as well go ahead and comfirm it and make it ready for work if its still neccessary

Part 3 of the above link provided by @rmkanda ,is related to bootstrap , i think we should first ignore this for the first moment because when we try to reduce the size of the text areas and buttons, they are going to be very small. thanks all for great work cc.@mozzy @herbert24 @reagan @rmkanda

hei @mozzy will also be getting to you so that we compile all what is failing

Thanks @herbert24 and @rmkanda , i tried to reproduce the issues raised,

i summerised the comments below , NB the numbers below represent the issue in the google sheet with corresponding number

1 bug
2 Not a bug …see how to configure Mark Patient as Dead
3 Bootstrap related bug
4 Not a Bug , we removed chart search module from the ref app modules
5 Bug
6 Bug
7. Not a bug. requires improvement
8. Not a bug. Edit vist link displays when more than one Vist types exist.
9: Bug
10 . Not a Bug , intended
11. Bug. . Ui breaks
12. Bug . Ui breaks
13 . Bug
14. Bug
15 .Bug
16. Not a Bug .duplication is caused by a temporaly cache in the ui component,
cleared by refreshing browser

cc @sharif @reagan , we can go ahead to create the issues that i marked as bugs . i will make them ready for work (1) (5) (6)

cc @gcliff @jwnasambu @sharif @herbert24 you may be interested to log the rest.


Thanks @mozzy and @reagan I will go ahead and create the uncreated ones @mozzy did you went ahead and look through the tickets I create, if there are necessary , you can go ahead and make them ready thanks alot

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Thanks @sharif , can you please list down here all the tickets you created with a corresponding issue number in the Google sheet as @reagan has done above ??

Thanks @mozzy here is one bug 2 bug 8 Thanks @reagan for clarrifying this so these are nolonger issues

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Thanks @sharif. I hop you looked at my comments above. Some of the issues raised were not necessarily bugs , but you just need an extra configuration .

For example the issues you have mentioned that is issue 2 and issue 8 are not bugs. I tried to give a brief explanation or pointed to a page where you could get more clarification

You can move in with the other issues that are bugs

Yes i have seen the comments in the raised issues thanks for updates

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Have created some tickets here, 12 14 cc. @mozzy

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@sharif , can you ensure you reproduce thebug your self and attach a screen shot to make it more understandable to howevr will take it up ?? Thanks otherwise good job. you can go ahead to create more tickets remaining

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@mozzy Thanks for the comments.

Sorry, I dint get you. Users might not understand the keyword undefined. I think this should be represented in meaningful ways like Please Select

Looking from users perspective, it still feels like a glitch

cc: @christine @herbert24


your very right @rmkanda , we shall create tickets to do that improvement

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Tickets for the following issues have been created , 1,5 ,6 , 12 ,14

can we complete the tickets for the remaining issues 3 ,9,11,13,15

i want to call the community ,epecially the aspiring GSOC students to take them up
cc @sharif @herbert24

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Did you label them as community priority?


not yet , ill label them . thanks @dkayiwa

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