Reference App Bamboo build hung 2015-06-29

I just kicked off the Reference App Distro build because I noticed it appeared to be hung.

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Thanks. We had just successfully killed the hung build.

Hi, @mogoodrich Have you made some changes in the code that prevented the next build from hanging?

Nope, as far as I know, I didn’t break it, and I didn’t add anything to fix it… just stumbled upon it… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately build hangs again and the reason of it is still unknown. It doesn’t seem to be caused by one concrete Test, as it used to hang in different places. Locally on this version all tests are passing without problems. The logs from here: doesn’t give enough information on the issue. Is there a possibility to retrieve some more advanced log information? As soon as possible I’ll try to change the tests configuration to divide them into Build Tests and Release Tests so that only the Build Tests will run on CI after every change which should help as the hanging shouldn’t be caused by the Build Tests. Regards, Tomasz Mueller

Memory issue? Did something change recently with the server or the tests that could greatly increase memory usage?

In I see:

Failed tests:   checkModules(org.openmrs.reference.CheckModules): module not ready: Reference Metadata Module [Not Started] expected:<st[op]> but was:<st[art]>

Any ideas?

I suppose we could take thread dumps at least.

If it happens too frequently, we could install

to do that for us automatically.

Has anyone tried looking at the server logs to see why that module failed to start?

I think these are already available as an artifact in bamboo.

I thought that the reason for not starting reference-metadata module was its inappropriate version in

(2.3 instead of 2.4-SNAPSHOT).

Tried to fix it and… the build hanged again:(

The build is passing again:)

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Our joy didn’t last long as our new tests broke the build again:( The good news is that we know the reason and hope to get it fixed by tomorrow

At least we had a few joyous moments! :slight_smile: