Reference App 2.6 problems with HTML flowsheets and Allergy upon upgrade

When I try to upgrade our OpenMRS 2.3.1 Standalone Reference App to 2.5 or 2.6 I encounter 2 problems. The HTML Flowsheets never load (There is a small loading indicator) but it doesn’t succeed. Also When I try to access the record of a patient where we recorded an Allergy in 2.3.1, this generates an error when opening the patient record in 2.5 and 2.6. I have added the HTML Flowsheet omod v 1.4.1 to the Ref app 2.5 and 2.6.,but it hasn’t helped.

Can I get some advice? Thanks, Len

You will need to paste the contents of your server side logs at

First the Allergy error. Here is the error when carrying forward a patient with a 2.3 documented allergy when we try to access a patient with a documented allergy in Ref App 2.3.1 when the database folder was migrated to RefApp 2.5 and 2.6 and after the DB maintenance changes that occur on start up 2.6.

How did you do the upgrade from reference application 2.3.1? As in what exactly did you do to ensure that you have upgraded?

I downloaded The Reference App 2.6 Standalone, on a Windows 10 machine that has Java 8. I uncompressed it and used a windows .bat file to run the openmrs-Standalone.jar file. After it was running I inspected the appdata>module folder for modules that we used in 2.3.1 that weren’t present in 2.6.

Using sytem admin>manage modules, I downloaded/installed the h.tmlformflowsheet-1.4.1, htmlformentry19ext-1.6.1.omod and the drawing module 1.1. I had noted that 2.3.1 Ref app had allergyapi-1.4.omod and Ref.2.6 does not, however, at that moment I was unable to locate Allergies API.omod, so that is still not present in the 2.6 module folder.

After confirming the installation of these 3 modules, I shut down the the 2.6 server and copied the database/data folder from of the stopped 2.3 Ref App standalone and renamed the original 2.6 folder database/Data_Old and pasted in the 2.3 data folder. Then I ran the 2.6 openmrs-standalone.jar file, accepted the prompt to allow the automated database maintenence steps. After they completed and 2.6 was running.

I logged in and checked patients in the clinician facing UI. Legacy vitals forms, medications functioned normally. However when I tried to access the patient record of a patient with an allergy, I received the errors. When I tried to access the HTMLFormFLowsheet containing forms, they begin to render, but they never complete the loading step (loading…) never goes away. So I don’t get see the multi-row medications displayed, etc. The drawing app appears to function, but the default templates don’t appear to be present.

When I review the allergy tables in MySql we only have 3 patients with documented allergies of ~2000 registered patients. Thanks for your attention, Len

Did you also remember to update the platform version? That is replace the .war file with that of OpenMRS platform 2.0.5

I am using the .war file the comes with the Ref App 2.6 standalone download. in the Tomcat >webapps folder.

How do I verify that is platform 2.0.5 file? Or can I copy the platform 2.0.5. war file and rename it to openmrs-standalone.war?

Go to the legacyui admin screen and check the footer of your browser. What platform version does it show?

Yes it is platform 2.0.5.

In your allergy table, change all instances of allergen_type from “ENVIRONMENTAL” to “ENVIRONMENT”.

allergen_type=“ENVIRONMENT” Thanks Daniel, That worked Great, the Pollen allergy no longer raises an error… The other allergen_types (ie DRUG) is also working properly.

For the other problem, I’ll submit a a couple of comparative screen shots to show the HTMLFormFlowsheet display issue.

In RefApp 2.6 the HTMLFormFlowsheet for medications won’t render:

The Same patient in RefApp2.3.1 HTMLFormFlowsheet:

Also a continuing problem with HTMLFormFlowsheet is Despite entry of the individual form using US English terms, Often the Flowsheet displays a different language(s) version of the medication name or other attribute terms. Clicking on the encounter will still display the original single form correctly. (I submitted this question in a separate Talk.OpenMRS submission.

Thanks for all of your help. Len

Do you have any errors in the logs? You can paste the log contents at

Hi Daniel, Here is the pastebin of the tomcat log resulting in first screen shot above of RefApp 2.6 Multi-Medication HTMLFormFlowsheet not finishing rendering.


Create a ticket under the Html Form Flowsheet module.