Reference app 2.0 does not load concepts/observation

Hi everyone, please I’m having issues loading the concepts in reference app 2.6. When I make the call to the api, the response always comes as an empty array. I’m working on cohort builder. Note: Loading all concepts via Postman works, but I can’t get a concept by it’s name.

cc: @darius @dkayiwa

Do you have any errors in the logs? Can you give details of the exact call you are making? Are you able to reproduce it here?

It doesn’t throw any errors. It just does not load any data Please what the login details to ??

I’m wondering if this is the same issue I had? I had to go to in openmrs Administration to System Information -> Search Index then rebuild search index

Thank you very much @mdg583. Doing that solved the problem. Thanks a lot