RefApp-2.x-provider test status badge showing the wrong color

Hey guys, i have been trynna find out why RefApp 2.x Provider test is failing. Github actions is showing the wrong color in the readme file. The .yml file: is at openmrs-contrib-qaframework/refapp-2x-provider.yml at e4a65329acb1c258445cff7c52dc62bd40486034 · openmrs/openmrs-contrib-qaframework · GitHub and everything looks to be okay and in sync with other workflows.

it keeps showing red yet the test is passing locally, on bamboo and on github actions

Any pointers on this? Could github Actions be misbehaving or its something i am missing? cc: @ibacher @sharif @kdaud @dkayiwa

Is the status markdown code for the test in the ReadMe file correct?

yes it looks okay to me, i have regenerated one and this is what i get RefApp 2.x Provider

[![RefApp 2.x Provider](](

FYI: This test not only passes on bamboo and github actions but locally aswell

Not so certain whether the issue is from Github. Try to add the exact branch(?branch=master) in the status markdown code and find out whether it solves the issue.

[![RefApp 2.x Provider]( )](

RefApp 2.x Provider

The markdown is :
[![RefApp 2.x Provider](](

How are you testing out the changes?

When creating a badge… Status of the badge changes as you change between branches…the other way would be to have a Pull request and merge it then if t shows red, revert it still…

Do you have anything in mind?

What about testing the changes against your fork and find out the status budge for the test?

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It shows up as red because the last time that test was run on the master branch it failed. The failure looks like some transient failure and may have been due to the maintenance being done that same day.

Thanks @ibacher for this.

Have manually run the test on actions and build is green but the budge status is opposite. Could this be associated with Github caches that is tracking the status of the old failed plan?

Sort of… GitHub appears to track the latest result-per-branch and manually triggered builds, i.e., those that are run through workflow_dispatch don’t seem to update any branch status. Maybe there’s a config option for the workflow_dispatch that will trigger it on a specific branch or something?