RefApp 2.8 release date

Hello all, I’m delighted to let you know that the tentative date for the release of RefApp 2.8.0 is 27th April , 2018. I call upon all of us with issues to be reflected in this release to work hard and finish them on time. Kindly, if you know you can’t beat the deadline, feel free to communicate. Thanks

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Is there a link anywhere to version of core and the versions of modules that are intended to be included in the release?

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Ah, looks like it is here!

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@jwnasambu Are you done with the issue tracking page?

I haven’t finished yet there are somethings i need to confirm

@jwnasambu which ones?

For point of contact ,take those ones of Issue tracking page 2.7.0.

Am still updating it thanks for the follow up

I’ve started to go through for all the modules that I’ve been flagged at and confirming if they need a release or not. I’ve only been checking if there any commits after the last release that we’d want to get in… I haven’t been cross-referencing with any outstanding functionality.

Take care, Mark

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Oh thanks. Am looking forward for your feedback. Take care too

@jwnasambu It is also prudent to look at the various Refapp module github repos and see if module owners / maintainers have done any commits since the last release.