RefApp 2.8.0 ticket follow up


I have completed the RA-1489. Hope @ssmusoke will have a look soon.

And I think, Fix for the issue RA-461 will resolve the ticket RA-1383. Please have a look at the ticket for the information.

@suthagar23 thanks very much for your outstanding contribution in this release i wouldn’t like to take you for granted. @ssmusoke what is your view on this?


@jwnasambu I am going to review by end of day today

OK. Thanks sir i look forward for your response.

Since we are waiting for the must ticket to be worked on, is it OK for you to spare some time and work on your ticket than bumping it off? though we have limited time to release this RefApp

For people that have spare time, I would recommend testing the tickets that @jwnasambu mentioned here :slight_smile: :

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Hello sir, i am following up with the review of @suthagar23 ticket. Any feedback please?

@jwnasambu I reviewed it, merged and closed the ticket

Thanks sir, i still have some tickets to be tested and i need your help. If you can spare sometime i will be grateful.

cc @mogoodrich