RefApp 2.6 questions

Hello all, First of all I want to thank all members who have contributed to Ref App 2.6 . Great Job everyone!

I have few questions about the module? on patient dashboard: why there is duplicated Recent visits fragments? How can I remove one of them? How can I remove Latest observation, health trend summary, weight graph. Not all providers need this information.

Again … Thanks very much for all the hard work

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@raff @ssmusoke did we just forget to add the patient dashboard widgets to this documentation?

@dkayiwa am I missing something?

Is this helpful?

@dkayiwa So all I have to do is to delete or comment out the widget I don’t like ?

@yadamz, you can go to System Administration -> Manage Apps and disable widgets (which are basically apps) you do not want or you can do it in code from a module.