RefApp 2.12.0 Manual TESTING SPRINT - 1 Begins !

Hello community , I am excited to inform you that we’re almost releasing Refapp 2.12, before we reach the final phase we’re inviting all of you to help out in testing the manul testing of features .

What to test: RefApp 2.12 release Test case - Google Sheets

How to test: Make a copy of the above spread sheet and fill in the section of results and comments after testing on the qa sever

Time Frame: The sprint starts today,Friday 18th june 2021 and it will end on 26th June 2021.

Who has to test: Every one is welcome.

Testing server to use:

Note: Incase of any questions, you can use this thread

cc @grace @jennifer @insookwa @gracebish @jwnasambu @jnsereko @jecihjoy @irenyak1 @sharif @mozzy @k.joseph @gcliff @loisnaki @christine


cc @kimote, @settix @isamanya @suubi7, @nuhuhmutebi, @ndacyayisenga , @nkumar, @jkiggwe


Could there be a reason why we did not automate this?

i think we will have the automation sprint after the manual testing, Probably this coming week.

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Hello manual testers, any progress , i think @yherbert, we can switch to automation testing if we receive less manual testers response before wednesday because i suppose some few folks are little bussy with other works

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I will submit my test report tomorrow at 5pm EAT.

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@yherbert @jwnasambu
I have a challenge creating an appointment on the site. I don’t see how to create one for a given patient under manage appointments.

is this be of help Schedule Appointment (Reference Application) - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

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@herbert24 @christine, I am somehow stuck. Most of the issues have no clearly outlined features outlined. Here is the report of what i have worked on so far. Please advise.

i requested access on the doc you shared, could we have a quick call with you tomorrow at 11 am EAT?

@herbert24, I wish you could send the guidance now. I had dedicated today evening 5 hours to this. I may be a little off tomorrow.

@herbert24 I also got stuck yesterday in fact at the very beginning after seeking for the procedure to follow from @gracebish . The tickets referenced from the PRs I visited were not available at Jira issues.

when you read on many of those pull requests are you able to steps see of reproducing the bugs!

@herbert24 When I failed to retrieve the issues to which the PRS pointed to I could not proceed with the testing. BTW I am new to this and that is why I consulted @gracebish .

i see it will be great to have a call with you i will could yo be here tommorrow?

@herbert24 I am sorry for a late response. I can make tomorrow from 2 EAT if it will be convenient for you please.

see you then i will share the call link with you earlier

Alright @herbert24