RefApp 2.11 Release Update: Please only use "Fix Version: 2.11.0" for tickets that are actually included in the release

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Hi Team,

In order to better track what miscellaneous bug fixes/tickets are included as part of the 2.11.0 RefApp release, we’re now only including “Fix Version: Reference Application 2.11.0” in a ticket if it’s actually been fixed/completed. This gives us this helpful list of completed tickets included in the release.

All the incomplete tickets that had been prioritized for RefApp 2.11.0 by using the “Fix Version” label have been added as Affected Version RefApp 2.10.0.

Key takeaways:

  • When reporting tickets/concerns: Please use the Affected Version: Reference Application 2.10.0 or 2.11.0 options; we will use this to help us track the needs and our work to do.
  • When working on tickets/bugs for the RefApp 2.11 release: When you have completed that ticket/bug fix, add “Fix Version: RefApp 2.11.0” to the ticket to help us keep track of your good work!

Thanks all; let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: Thanks to @dkayiwa and @sharif for their help and good work on stewarding this release.

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Thanks @grace for this clarification

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