RefApp 2.11.0 Bug Fixing / New Feature SPRINT - 2 Begins !

Hello community , I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the previous Sprint about testing Refapp 2.11.0 Snapshot ahead of it’s release version. I would like to announce the commencement of Sprint 2 aimed at fixing a couple of bugs at this BOARD

0.1 Objective To Fix Bugs before release

0.2 Features (Sprint Dashboard )

0.3 Time frame

Start Date : 23rd Oct 2020

End Date : 6th Nov 2020

0.4 Definition/s of Done

  • When identified bugs / malfunctions are identified and reported
  • When bugs are fixed , tested and PR’s are merged

0.5 Retrospective on 9th Nov 2020

Sprint 2

  • Credits
  • Blockers

0.6 Participants

  • GSoCER ‘S
  • SQUAD MEMBERS *GSoDER’S *GCI Former participants

cc @sharif @gcliff @mozzy @jwnasambu @insookwa @grace @jennifer @herbert24 @dkayiwa @gracebish @frederic.deniger @icrc.psousa @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5

Best regards Tendo


Nice work, thank you for posting this Tendo. This is an important initiative: There are a number of blockers and bugs raised by community members and implementers that we need to address prior to the RefApp release, and this Sprint will help get us closer.


Sure thanks @tendomart. Looking forward for more input in this sprint

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You’re welcome

You’re welcome.

@sharif I remember you created an excel sheet for defects and is it attached with a storyboard.

True @prapakaran ,that was about manual testing,and it involved working on tickets, we are now in the sprint of finishing those tickets, feel free to come in and solve some

We have included another ticket in this sprint here cc @grace @tendomart


Thanks, i have noticed , the registrationapp is still prone to XSS attacks ,

am adding this as well

see my comments at

sprint3 Backlog if any

Hi all , I would like to officially announce the closure of this Sprint 2 ,

A summary of accomplishments in this sprint

1 .Total Tickets that were supposed to be worked on 10

  1. 4 - Tickets under development

  2. 6 - Tickets under To Do

Since we’re almost out of time , we may have a one week Sprint before release

We shall hold a Retrospective on 9th November 2020 and thereafter have the

Special thanks to the following people for taking part in this sprint

@jwnasambu @yherbert and @msharif

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Thanks @tendomart :ok_hand: