Refactoring O2 Drawing module Into O3 Draw On Body Diagram feature.

The Drawing Module latest vesion does not appear there in any publicly published repositories for distributions using the Drawing module from the early 2000s.

Physicians/providers have been using hand drawn sketches to document their physical exam findings and link it to their patient’s medical record. Drawing Module provides physicians the means to upload or draw patients anatomical outlines/pictures and annotate their comments directly on the picture. This module provides a way to draw and annotate on images and save them as complex observation.

O3 On Body Drawing App comes: While the O2 Drawing module provided quite a number of functionality, the community has moved places for collaboration, shareability, laveraging modern intuitive technology to bridge the technical debt and provide efficient health care across the globe easily through MFEs.

According to the community discussions;

we need to bring this to reality.


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