Ref App Visit Summary: Form's VIEW mode as default encounter's 'show details'?

Hey all Ref App stakeholders,

Visit Summary’s encounters ‘show details’ is problematic:

The problem being that it handles obs, attachments, coded diagnoses, but then it fails to render pretty much anything else: non-coded diagnoses, conditions, orders… etc.
(Btw yes coded diagnoses are fine, but not non-coded diagnoses!)

What about embedding the VIEW mode when a form was used to generate the encounter’s data? Rather than relying on the custom implementation behind ‘show details’.

Cc @burke @jesplana @mogoodrich @mseaton @ssmusoke

@mksd that is an excellent idea, however how will that work with tabbed forms etc? as they may embed custom Javascript to show that

Or is it better to just kill the show details view since the print and edit formats are already available?

How does the same work in Bahmni, since I know you have experience on that side too?

@jdick is there any input on this view or similar from the work being done on the SPA side?

@ssmusoke the VIEW mode just renders the form, so it will bring all the JavaScript with it as well.

Now, if one clicks twice on ‘show details’, once for an encounter and a second time for another encounter, there may be JavaScript or CSS collisions if stuff isn’t namespaced correctly. I mean, maybe, this would have to be tried out.

Indeed, I would rather have that than a misleading and incorrect content under ‘show details’.