Ref App 2.0 Order Entry App "Sign and Save" button

There has been a request from our users at PIH to rename the “Sign and Save” button used in the Rep App 2.0 Order Entry App to simply “Save”, because “Sign and Save” is confusing and potentially has legal ramifications:

Is anybody actively using this app and would have a problem with this? (@grace do you know who the right people to answer this question would be?)

fyi @mseaton @dmunson @ddesimone

Take care, Mark

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Just some background on why this is potentially problematic - from my experience working on LIMS software. In the US, “sign off” is a requirement for results that need to be reviewed before they can be shared as a quality control measure. The FDA typically includes this in routine audits, and so a sign off feature is a requirement of any software that handles lab results. So having a “sign” on a button that has no review or sign off functionality behind it is misleading at best.

I realize that our OpenMRS implementations do not have to be in compliance with the US FDA, but it seems like a bad idea to imply that we have sign off functionality when it’s just a word on a button.

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also flagged @dkayiwa as he may know the answer to the above

I am not aware of any one who would is actively using this app, and would have a problem with renaming Sign and Save to Save. After all, we are simply saving and doing nothing that is related to signing.

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Thanks @dkayiwa !