Redirecting openmrs login

In an Openmrs reference app I am using, I discovered that when you are on a particular page and logs out, on re-logging in, you’re redirected to that same page. But this time, certain session parameters may be missing resulting in an error on that page.

Is there a way to configure openmrs to always redirect to the main(landing) page?


This is not a configurable feature, as far as I know.

We had originally implemented this the way you are suggesting. Unfortunately, when someone implemented the “redirect to the page you were last on” they implemented it in a buggy way.

What would your ideal situation be? That re-logging in takes you to the same page, but without losing parameters? Or do you actively prefer to just go to the homepage?

Thanks for the info @darius. In this case, I prefer to go to the home page

Okay. In that case I suggest you create a ticket in His requesting the new feature that this behavior be made configurable.