Redirecting Link to Create/Find Patient plus View Patient from Legacy UI to Ref App UI

I am wondering how to redirect the following links from Legacy UI to Ref App:

  1. Create/Search Patient to Register Patient (or Find Patient)

  2. Manage Patients to Find Patients

Also is it possible to add a link to Register Patient from Find Patient screen as that is a common flow?

Hi Stephen,

To redirect those pages, I think you might want to add a controller for each url to your module that is mapped to that each url, for an example on how to do this see the HomePageController and LoginPageController that overrides the home and login pages from the legacy UI respectively.

Yes, this is a fair request. Want to create a ticket, or better yet, a pull request for it?

@darius I have added the issue however I have a couple of questions on an alternate flow where a user overrides the registration app

@ssmusoke, I understand the questions that you’re asking on the ticket, but…can you please rewrite the ticket description so that it is structured like an actionable piece of work? I.e. the ticket needs to describe the work to be done (though it can have an “open questions” section). If you have questions, ask them here on OpenMRS Talk.

@darius updated:

The open question on this ticket issue is: How are cases when the implementation does not use the default registration appId, registrationapp.basicRegisterPatient, handled:

a) Is there need to add a global property that can be changed to point to the appId being used for registration in an implementation.

b) Does the Reference application enforce a rule that only one instance of the Registration App has to be active at a time? Is an error thrown if there are no instances or more than one instance of registration app?

@darius bringing back to the top for your comments