Redirecting from deprecated Floss Manual documentation to the new OpenMRS guide

Hi all!

I was recently browsing the OpenMRS documentation for information located in both the OpenMRS guide and the OpenMRS Developers Manual (, and I somehow ended up using the outdated documentation made in Floss Manuals:

There was no notification or message on these pages suggesting I redirect to the new docs, and such a message might be very helpful for making sure others who stumble on these pages end up in the right place eventually.

Also, the OpenMRS Wiki contains developer-related documentation in the Developer Guide section, and those pages don’t seem to have been updated recently to reflect the new homes for the OpenMRS Guide and Developer Manual.

Is there a way to quickly add global notifications on these older resources that let users know how to access the new docs announced in this post?

@jwnasambu any thoughts on this idea?

@jwnasambu can you bring this to the attention of the weekly documentation call?

Thanks @pmanko for raising this up. :slight_smile:

@marslan8530, you might also find this helpful.

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