REDCap integration with EMR

(Jessica Ruff) #1

Reference Application: 3.0:


Hi Everyone,

I recently read that REDCap is introducing a new feature that allows it to connect with the EPIC EMR, I’m also currently doing some work where having a similar feature for OpenMRS would be helpful. I’m curious to know how many other groups are using REDCap for data collection? If you are using it, is your institution using advanced features like auto approval of production changes and two-factor authentication? Any thoughts on connecting it to OpenMRS, they do currently have an API, and we’re working to figure out how to leverage this to import data into our OpenMRS instance.


(Andrew Kanter) #2

I know that we were considering this for a project in Nepal, but it is quite difficult to integrate data collection if there is not a clear mapping to the concept dictionary. It is easier to output data from the EMR and create an analytics data set consumable by REDCap. I wonder what @paynejd has to say about this :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Payne) #3

I think an integration is a great idea. My involvement with the system was years ago so I’m not familiar with the integration approach they took with EPIC EMR. REDCap has a very active online community and I would recommend reaching out to them.

(Jessica Ruff) #4

@paynejd, the EPIC integration is brand new… I’m not even sure it is released yet. I’m a part of the vanderbilt community and they are having sessions on EPIC integration during their annual REDCap day. active online community? Is this the one for administrators? I don’t currently have access to this, is there one for end users?