Record Observation with multiple answers - Best Approach

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Hi all,

I’m trying to develop a simple form having a field that requires multiple answers:

I know we could record this using an ObsGroup but I feel like this is meant for grouping multiple fields capturing related data. There is also the ValueGroup property, which I believe is the perfect solution but haven’t seen any APIs to support this. What’s the best approach to achieve this, especially through webservices or FHIR?

cc: @ssmusoke, @mksd

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A case like that depends mostly on your reporting needs. By reporting needs I mean: 1) how will the outcome of this question show across the UX and 2) how do data analysts intend to exploit answers to the question.

Because it’s OHRI, I suspect that 2) is the key factor.

In which case why not literally having 5 boolean questions?

  1. Belongs to general population (yes/no).
  2. Is a MSM (yes/no).
  3. Is a FSW (yes/no).
  4. Is a MSW (yes/no).
  5. Is a PWID (yes/no).

That will be very easy to flatten.

I’m a little confused about the first question. I would assume that being part of the “general population” means being part of the general population of HIV positives right? In which case the question might be either irrelevant (because there should be a diagnosis or some other findings somewhere already that lead to this questionnaire) or the question should become

  • Is HIV positive (yes/no).

Thanks for your quick response and input. It’s really appreciated.