Recommending Nikita for /dev/4

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Having run this through @dkayiwa @ibacher @mksd and @jennifer, I’d like to nominate @nmalyschkin for /dev/4.

Nikita joined our Microfrontend squad within the last year and has been very helpful with accomplishing a variety of complex features, including the Test Results epic for the 3.0 RefApp. He demos to the team often, walks us through his latest blockers clearly, looks for technical approaches that will scale well but that will also deliver on shorter-term requirements.

Nikita is also a great community member. He’s always friendly, keen, and positive on our team calls. One of the things I especially appreciate about NIkita is that he supports others in the background. I often hear side comments like “Nikita helped me…”. Which is awesome! Keep up the great work Nikita, we appreciate you!!


congs @nmalyschkin

Thank you everyone, I am honored!

congs @nmalyschkin

congs @nmalyschkin . Keep up the spirit.

Congrats @nmalyschkin

Congratulations @nmalyschkin !

Congratulations :muscle: