Recommending /dev/2 for Bett Kipchumba and Jacinta Gichuhi

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Hi all,

Both @corneliouzbett and @jecihjoy are developers at AMPATH who have been heavily involved with the FHIR module since its (re-start) in December and made valuable contributions to it. Bett has recently created a framework for implementing paging and that will allow us to build more complex search functionality in the FHIR API. Jacinta has added support to more easily design and implement the various classes the FHIR module uses. Both of them have also been helpful in reviewing PRs, helping to guide newer developers, and managing issues.

The FHIR Squad would not be where it is without their valuable work. Therefore, I’d like to recommend that they be bumped up to /dev/2.


well deserved , well done @corneliouzbett and @jecihjoy


Congratulations to @corneliouzbett and @jecihjoy


Congratulations @corneliouzbett @jecihjoy, they have been so helpful in fhir Squad


Thanks @corneliouzbett and @jecihjoy for the great work you are doing in the OpenMRS Community! :smile:

Congratulations @jecihjoy and @corneliouzbett. :partying_face: :partying_face:

Well deserved @jecihjoy and @corneliouzbett! Congratulations!

am all in on this :100: ,congs @corneliouzbett and @jecihjoy

Thank you everyone. I’m humbled to be a part of this team that’s saving the lives of many

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Congratz @jecihjoy @corneliouzbett :star_struck: :star_struck:

Congratulations guys great job @jecihjoy @corneliouzbett

Yes! Yes! Yes! I can’t agree more - especially after that fantastic demo during this week’s FHIR squad meeting, made possible by your contributions!

Congratulations, @jecihjoy and @corneliouzbett!


Well done @jecihjoy and @corneliouzbett .God bless you.

Congs @jecihjoy well deserved

Great job and congratulations