Recommending /dev/2 for Aman Mishra

The reason as to why i am so much concerned is that i am this person who can not like teaching/mentoring/lecturing responsibility/profession seeing my teacher/lecturer/mentor riding a bicycle or footing as result of his/her profession when i am in a benz as a result of his/her mentor-ship. If just the reason is technical, i won’t object but if the reason is outside logic if devnull also would be allowed to observe, i would hold that one in a certain grade, dev5 according to @mozzy , at least be given slightly less than that if not exactly that. How do you weigh my observation dear community?

Well, every institution has the governing principles. In openmrs we have the dev stages on this link to guide us while promoting someone. Though I who is a student may have mate the requirements to be promoted to Dev 2 , but its the work of the one who reviews my work to promote me. I will patiently wait.


It is a two way innitiative. It can be someone else or yourself requesting to be upgraded to a certain dev stage. And we have had both in the past.


Congrats @aman.

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Congratz @aman

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@dkayiwa This is great then. Is devnull also legible to initiate the request for someone else’s upgrade? :smiley: :smile:

As long as you first take a look at this:

Congratulations @aman :partying_face:

The way it’s been is that individuals that want to be promoted will notify the community and their contributions will then be reviewed to see if they meet the criteria for the stage they want to be upgraded to. Sometimes some people just don’t bother. In my case I was recently promoted to /dev/3 but with my contributions I should have already made that stage a long time ago but I never brought this up. When I brought it up I was promoted. In fact I only brought it up because I was getting blocked on tickets that I could merge so I only brought it up because I needed the privilege that comes with been /dev/3/ else my badge would still be /dev/2/.

Sometimes other community members you’ve been working might notice that you deserve to be promoted and bring it up like in this case. I don’t think the community has anyone appointed to track who needs to be promoted. This doesn’t mean our works are not been noticed. They’re been noticed that’s why getting promoted after creating a talk like this hardly takes anytime because everyone has been seeing your contributions already.