Recommendations for Project Setup During Implementation

@michael It’s my pleasure let me work with @ssmusoke and @mogoodrich to have it this Wednesday 16th

@ssmusoke i am sending out a communication for this session soon

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Sounds good. @ssmusoke I will try to do a little planning before the session, but usually I end up having less time to prepare than expected… :slight_smile: So if there are any particular areas to focus on/questions you have, please let me know.

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@mogoodrich looking at the best practices for the following, how do I:

  1. Organize a project to version control HTML forms and concepts
  2. Leverage meta-data modules to deploy the versioned forms and concepts - the PIH activator classes
  3. How to setup packages so that the forms & concepts are programatically deployed
  4. What are best practices to manage upgrades of modules, concepts and forms in a production environment?

Thanks again

Just to add to what we discussed on the university call, in theory module upgrades can be managed via the distro project if you are to go this route, as long you change the module version to what you wish in the pom file of the distro and rebuild the distro project, the new versions will get downloaded and get packaged in the generated zip file, same applies to the openmrs war file, then distribute that new zip file to your sites