Rebranding weekly strategy/operation calls

Continuing the discussion from OpenMRS Leadership Meeting (Strategic):

(bringing an email conversation into Talk)

As far as processes around the naming of Leadership calls goes, the things we have (off the top of my head) include:

  • (“L” for “Leadership”) takes you to…
  • Leadership Conference Call wiki page.
  • Child pages have been named:
    • “YYYY-MM-DD Leadership Conference Call” (2010 - 2012)
    • “YYYY-MM-DD Leadership Call” (2013 - Jan 2016)
    • “YYYY-MM-DD Leadership Team Call” (Feb 2016 - present)
  • We tried to always names notes page in to match the wiki page, replacing whitespace with hyphens.
  • Occasionally in 2017 and always in 2018, we just started linking directly to (no longer creating a wiki page)

In my opinion, we can change our invitations and how we talk about these (i.e., refer to them as “Strategic Call” and “Operations Call”), but keep using the existing Leadership Conference Call wiki page and “YYYY-MM-DD-Leadership-Team-Call” naming in for now. Once we have a few months of experience with the calls and feel like it’s working out better, we can change the naming of wiki pages & notes pages (i.e., to avoid changing multiple times as we figure out what works best, making it harder to find things later).

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