Rebase in progress. Cannot commit. How to proceed

I’m stuck :mask:. I don’t know what to do? Does it really take this long to rebase? git rebase --continue doesn’t do anything. I don’t have anything in git status… I’m just waiting for the rebase. Here is the output
No commands done. Next commands to do (3 remaining commands): pick d4cb07a4 RESTWS-802:Collapsible if statements should be merged (#465) squash b25eab57 RESTWS-798:Parameterized messages should be used for logging (#466) (use “git rebase --edit-todo” to view and edit) You are currently editing a commit while rebasing branch ‘RESTWS-795’ on ‘55692106’. (use “git commit --amend” to amend the current commit) (use “git rebase --continue” once you are satisfied with your changes)

nothing to commit, working tree clean
What can I do?

Do any of these lines apply to what you are doing,if so apply the recommended command

Actually am squashing my commits to become one But things are not working out even when i run
git rebase --continue

@kdaud you are having two processes running concurrently basing on what am seeing on the logs. What if you first amend the commit by running git commit --amend then run git rebase --continue to proceed with squashing? Alternatively run git rebase --abort to to completely undo the rebase and begin the process a fresh.

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git rebase --abort helped out. :two_hearts: