React JS Specific Learning

Hello Everyone ! Myself Aariz Shaikh, I am in freshman year in my college and writing this as being completely new to open source contribution. I would really love to get into this field and start contributing but I needed some guidance regarding this organization. I am well versed in C, JS,etc. But now since I wanted to learn React I was thinking of getting started with contributing ASAP. Hence Can anybody guide me which major stacks or areas of react specific to this organization I should focus on like redux,hooks,etc.(If they are “areas” of react). Your help would be very much appreciated.

Hi @aarizshaikh! You might find the Prerequisites section of our O3 Dev Guide helpful: it includes links to some good tutorials for OpenMRS 3 technologies.

Aside from our various getting started guides, our OpenMRS Fundamentals Track is another good learning resource as well.