React Form Engine: Support for referencing components


Hi @ibacher

In the effort to achieve form engine parity we recently started some work to add component support in the react form engine similar to what the angular form engine supports. From my mini discussion with @achachiez , he mentioned that the logic within the angular form engine is being dropped in favor of handling this on the server side.

Are there any changes that are being made to the new forms module that will affect how forms are processed or will the form.json remain the same?

So nothing that we’ve done in the O3 Forms module changes or modifies the syntax of the JSON forms. What we have done, however, is add logic that will allow to request a form from the /o3/forms/<UUID> end-point and get a version of that form with all component reference already resolved.

In the NGX form engine, component references are resolved into the corresponding questions, sections, and pages before the form is handled by the engine, so everything works the way it did, we just moved logic that needed to be implemented in the frontend into the backend.

See the module README and the test cases for details.