Re-organizing our wiki content. Looking for your feedback!

Ii do think that there are a few things that we can do in the near future to make the wiki better that dont require a heavy lift. The first is just cleaning up (not removing) the wiki spaces of documentation/projects/resources into some order that makes sense (and move some things between where they currently are). I don’t think we need to change the three topical areas for now. Also, if we do that, we can figure out what hasn’t been touched in years, and ask whoever was the last person who edited if it is current (many probably still are). I sent @jeffneiman some suggestions about moving stuff around:


Introduction to OpenMRS (move from documentation)

Help Desk

Policies and Procedures Policies OpenMRS license

Development Development workflows Releases Metadata repository Downloads Form bank


Communication Meeting notes How-to articles People and interests Mentorship and outreach People and interests OpenMRS roles Mailing lists​

Case studies Mozambique Ebola



Development Project lifecycle (should we move this here from projects?) Design Development workflow (move from resources) Modules Improvements to the HL7 query module (move from projects)

Technical road map (may need to have a different parent then technical road map; may just be technical) Modules User interface modules Metadata repository (move from resources)

Form bank

Documentation How-to articles (currently in resources-- perhaps move to one place only?) Implementer documentation User guide Developer guide Documentation playground


OpenMRS glossary (move to resources)


Project lifecycle How-to articles

Active Unassigned Implementation



How-to articles

Overall, this makes sense. Some reactions as I look at your proposed hierarchy…

  • I would expect to find introductory information under “Documentation”
  • Development workflow/needs varies based on some common personas – e.g., developing my own module, contributing to community modules, contributing to core, adding new features.
  • The distinction of “Modules” and “User interface modules” under Technical Road Map doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe those are already pages in the wiki, but that distinction (just seeing those page names) doesn’t seem like the best way to divide things, IMHO.
  • I think you meant to take “Development workflows” out of RESOURCES > Development.
  • I’m assuming documentation on the release process would go under the DOCUMENTATION > Release Process or underneath DOCUMENTATION > Technical Road Map.

I set up a Case Studies parent page under Resources:

Probably should populate it with something.