Re-installing Odoo

I am trying to re-install Odoo but i’m noticing something very strange/unusual.

  1. When I stop odoo service and erp-connect, I am still able to browse to odoo by going to http://server-ip:8069

  2. The command service --status-all returns below results

     atomfeed-console is running with pid: 3885
     Service bahmni-erp-connect is not running
     Service bahmni-reports is running with pid: 3883
     Checking jexec statusnetconsole module not loaded
     Configured devices:
     lo ens192
     Currently active devices:
     lo ens192
     mkdir: cannot create directory ‘odoo’: File exists
     odoo-server is stopped
     mkdir: cannot create directory ‘odoo’: File exists
     odoo-server is stopped
     Service openmrs is running with pid: 4365
  3. The command yum list installed | grep bahmni returns below

     atomfeed-console.noarch                1.1-1                           @bahmni
     bahmni-emr.noarch                      0.92-183                        @bahmni
     bahmni-erp.noarch                      0.92-133                        @bahmni
     bahmni-erp-connect.noarch              0.92-133                        @bahmni
     bahmni-implementer-interface.noarch    0.92-30                         @bahmni
     bahmni-installer.noarch                0.92-142                        installed
     bahmni-reports.noarch                  0.92-25                         @bahmni
     bahmni-web.noarch                      0.92-183                        @bahmni
  4. What I am trying to achieve here is to completely unistall odoo and re-install in again since it is giving me problems when I try to install the atom-feed app


  1. Initially I has tried these commands as suggested here

you mean, you are installing Odoo separately and then install Bahmni components on top of it?

I don’t know if I’ve expressed my problem statement accurately, but what I want to do is uninstall it and re install it using the Bahmni command. I believe using the bahmni command will install the flavor that is customized for Bahmni

@buvaneswariarun ^

can you please try using the latest patch’s RPM for reinstalling? 0.92-155. Also can you post us the bahmni-installer log that you get to see when you do the reinsallation?

Just so I understand, you want me to run these commands?

yum install

Followed by

bahmni -i local --only bahmni-erp install

If it is in your local vagrant, we can try out these steps… In case of a production/hosted machine… we will have to handle with care. In case you want to try the new RPM which has odoo related fixes, try these steps out, [In local only and you will loose other configurations done in other modules]

In case you want to try only with removal of bahmni-erp, try this,

bahmni -i local stop yum remove -y bahmni-erp psql -Upostgres -c “drop database if exists openerp;” yum install -y bahmni-erp bahmni -i local start

It is a production environment running Centos 7.6. I do not want to make any changes to any other component but bahmni-erp/odoo because it it the only one that is currently giving me problems. I can plan for an upgrade once the whole environment is stable