Re: [Ask OpenMRS] Atom Feed version 2.5.6 .omod file required.

sorry. here it is

Sorry don’t understand what you mean. Can you pl tell what exactly…

For the error message in your log: “Table ‘event_records’ already exists”, it looks like you first installed the other atom feed module and then later on this one. The easiest option is to drop the database and do the setup afresh.

Thanks. I will give a try and update you.

done a fresh setup still got the same error. Pl refer the log

Which version of MySQL are you running?


Can you downgrade to version 5.7?

Downgrade to mysql 5.7.24, Still have the same issue. Any other reasons?

Can you share the current tomcat log at

Sorry for delay it took some time to install fresh database and get the tomcat log. please find the link:

Are you running the standalone version of the reference application with some modified modules?

Yes running the reference application. we would like to add operation theater module. but without any modification. While uploading it is a prerequsite to run atom feed & bed management. now the issue with atom feed while alter the exsisting table please refer the tomcat log which i sent to you. thanks.

What happens when you run without the atom feed module?

it ask for atom feed module version 2.5.6 & bed management module.

To simplify this, can you just run a fresh unmodified standalone instance?

Upload OT Module Issue Resolved.