Rational for defining the display property on Resources

Hi all

The display property on patient resource is set to PatientId + Patient name. And the display property on the provider resource is set to an empty string. That looks weird in my tables. I’m using Angular 2 for the new radiology ui and the we fetching data via REST. See the table below

From the screenshot above you’ll see that on the patient section has the patient ID and the referring physician column is empty because it’s display property is set to an empty string.

I’ve also created a custom autocomplete component that can be used to search for patients, providers or concepts via REST and emits the UUID of the selected entry

Search patient

Concept search

Now provider search

The provider search may seem not to return any result but it actually does but since the it’s display property is set to an empty string, you don’t see any results.

Here is how to use my custom autocomplete component

<app-search (notify)="getPatientUuid($event)" [baseUrl]="'/openmrs/ws/rest/v1/patient'" [placeholder]="'Patient'"></app-search>

To use this component all you need is specify the base REST URL to use an optional placeholder and a method that will get the UUID of the selected item.

Question: Why is the display property of provider set to an empty string. And for patient, would making it’s display property just set to the patients full names be an issue?

Might be an issue of your data in the database, the display string is only empty if the provider has a null identifier