Rapid development environment for owa

Hello everyone, Is there any way to do rapid development in owa specially for order entry.

I went through the documentation of order entry owa but I didn’t understood the steps.

Any help would be appreciated.

hello @pratikbiz24

how about Open Web Apps Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki ,was it of help ?

Thanks @gcliff . I went through this, but I still didn’t understand that what commands I need to do rapid development.

Can you explain me the steps in short ?

you can look into this ,it has the steps and commands for the development workflow of Open Web Apps

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@pratikbiz24 according to our technology radar, OWA is a technology that we do not recommend going forward.

Did you look at our new frontend framework?

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Thanks @dkayiwa , for this important information.

I will definitely look around this.