Radiology reports by technician

Hi , In radiology workflow , when technician uploads the x-ray image from his CR machine console , then it is coming in patient dashboard under “pacs” section , Now what about the technicians study report document where the technician will send the study report as when laboratory technician submits the study report and it is coming in patient dashboard . so the question is from where the radiology technician is sending the reports of his study on the x-ray or patient and in which section in the patient dashboard i can see the reports . @gsluthra @mohant

@ajay6688 - Can you rephrase your question, in bullet points. Having difficulty really understanding it.

Is you question about where does the technician enter the “study report” (Text about the xRay)? And where is the “Study report” available on the Patient Dashboard?

In my understanding this is how this is done:

  1. Once an xRay is taken in Digital xRay machine, the image is visible via the “Pacs Control” in the Patient Dashboard (oviyam viewer link).
  2. The Technician logs into Bahmni, goes to Clinical screen, and then open the Patient Dashboard, views the xRay and fill a specific “Form”. e.g: “xRay Report” and adds details like: “Study ID”, “Description” and “Notes”… and this data will be available in a Forms Display Control.
  3. Alternatively, do to Patient Document Upload Module, search for the Patent, and upload the Radiology Report (which could be a Word Doc, PDF, Image, etc). See:
  4. Manual xRay images (instead of PACS) can be uploaded using the Radilogy Upload module. See:

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I sincerely appreciate it.

Please also see this:

You can upload xRay notes/study report using the Order Fulfillment app (backed by a form designed by you).

Thanks a lot @gsluthra