Radiology Reporting Enhancement

This is a thread to ask questions on the proposed module for radiology cc @teleivo @sunbiz

Hi @judy, I would like to work on this project. I have experience with HTML-5, Java, and SPRING framework. Importantly I have being working with FHIR module for a while now. After going through the wiki I found TinyMCE prettry interesting and already started to get familiar with.

The objectives of the project are pretty much straight forward in the wiki. WDYT about storing the template as a HTML string? For some of my projects I used to keep them as a string. (But all of them were very simple report templates which I used to construct emails with HTML reports to be sent using Microsoft SQL Server. ) One concern with this method may be security attacks by modifying the string by an attacker. I have no clear idea with such attacks. WDYT?

Hi @judy

My name is Ivange Larry Ndumbe, 3rd year computer engineering student from Cameroon and a community member for like 7 months now. I am interested to work in this project. I am very familiar with all the technologies required, that can be shown by my work in the community so far. The project title says, “Radiology Reporting Enhancements”, so i would like to know if you want to enhance the reporting capability of the radiology module or the Radiology reporting is a separate module on its own. I have googled, i have not found a github and a jira project for Radiology reporting module but i have found those for the radiology module though. So my questions essentially is

Is this project about 1- an enhancement to the reporting capabilities of the Radiology module, or 2- Radiology reporting is a separate module that we need to enhance, or 3- Radiology reporting will be a new module that will take care or reporting.


Good questions. The module is an enhancement to the reporting capabilities of the Radiology module (Option 1).

@tharaka have you gone through the MRRT storage of templates? I think since the template will be a form , it will be most likely be stored as a string.

@teleivo do you have different thoughts?

What do you think about integrating HTML5 speech-to-text fields as part of this module -

Off course in implementation, please might use proper automated voice recognition (AVR) tools like DragonSpeak etc., but this could be the cheap implementation’s AVR.

Another thing that would be useful to do as part of this project would be to modify/edit DICOM tags metadata. So someone could add annotations as part of the DICOM metadata. I would say it would be part of the radiology reporting functionality. So this is besides the basic xform/htmlform forms for reporting.

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I could add this – Not sure how far the student will go with the tasks

I think the focus should be on the templates as this would improve the radiologists work a lot. It sounds very interesting, but I would plead to put it under extras if at all. Not sure how the quality of it is and how it performs in a clinical context.

Since this is an enhancement to the reporting capabilities of the Radiology module, I wanted see what the current state is (with producing radiology reports). Motivated by this line on the wiki:

The current state supports creation of a free text report that’s linked to an observation, and saved in the obs table

… I tried to see for myself what the current state is with creating radiology reports, so I built the master branch of Radiology module to explore this feature. The only functionality I could see on the admin page is the option to add a Radiology Order, but when I click the button, I get a blank page.

Is there a way I can get a glance of this old method of creating reports? (Even a snapshot will do.) Or better still, an updated link to install the Radiology module? I followed the all the instructions on the user guide, but my output was different from that in the guide.

It is in there. But it is simply not well done. As you just experienced :wink: you need to set the performed status of an order to completed. Only then can you report it. Then via the patient dashboard you need to click on view obs.

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I’m a student from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology and I would like to work with this project. I have experience in Java , HTML 5 ,JQueryMobile and also I have worked with several OpenMRS core tickets and FHIR module tickets so I have a better understanding of the platform as well. I think I can contribute to achieve your target with this project

I have went through the project page and the objectives are clearly mentioned I’ll start writing the proposal and ask you for any clarification if I encounter any difficulties. There is a one doubt in my mind which is how we going to store the HTML templates. As I see there are two possible ways. One ways is to store it as blob in database as we don’t know about the max length of HTML template. We may can encode it before we save it to a blob. Other way I can think is store it as a file system, so @tharaka mentioned we have to think about how we can prevent XSS attacks. I’ll do more research on that aspect as well.

Thank you Rasanjana

dear @rasanjana

as far as I know we would use one of these modules

to construct the templates. And they already take care of storing the templates for us. So I think you dont have to worry about this part. But please @judy correct me if I am wrong here.

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Look at how the above modules store the template

Thats what we will use

@rasanjana we would like to see you work on specific radiology module tickets that are open

Good luck with proposal

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Hi @judy i would like to know if i must work on a radiology ticket before i can be eligible to submit a proposal for this project. I have already worked on 11 tickets, 6 merged pull request and 3 under review, 1 ticket cancelled. As i am putting all my time in preparing 2 good proposals and the radiology module has not been easy to setup, i would like to know if my contributions to the radiology module tickets after the application period(25th) is over will count. :slight_smile:

@teleivo @judy You are correct, if we can reuse APIs of those modules, then we no need of concern about that part. @judy I will checkout the module during weekend and look for tickets

@ivange94 we evaluate the proposal … OpenMRS tickets are helpful too … even better when they are project tickets . Feel free to work on tickets at any point

Good luck

at all, I had to take out the tinymce from the objectives since this is already being worked on. very sorry for that. but that was a tiny objective anyway :wink: the big fish is the templates themselves, so dont worry about not having enough work!

@teleivo that means we only required design the templates only?

You have to fulfill the objectives as stated on the projects wiki and adding tinymce is not one of them. Tinymce will already be in the module. Easy as that.

Hi, I am Thusitha Wijerathne from Srilanka. I am a Student of University of Peradeniya - Srilanka.

I am interesting about this project. Last days i tried to get idea and searched informations about the project . still can i join you and evaluate my ideas??