Radiology orders not transferring from bahmni to DCM4CHEE modality worklist


I am working as a PACS Coordinator at South City Hospital, Karachi Pakistan. I am trying to deploy Bahmni Radiology and Lab module (Using Ubuntu OS) deployment is quite easy but struck when trying to transfer radiology orders from Bahmni to DCM4CHEE modality worklist. DCM4CHEE and PACS-INTEGRATION service is also running but still facing same issue. I haven’t much technical expertise, could you please guide me how I can resolve this issue.

1_When I am going to create order, getting following error message

“There was an unexpected issue on the server. Please try again Unable to fetch radiology studies. Please verify PACS configuration”

2_after saving radiology orders, sample image is transferring to PACS but modality worklist window is showing no record.

your help for modality worklist integration will be highly appreciated.

Hi @naseem

Hope you have went through all these Bahmni Wiki pages for the setup.

Hope the above links helps you out.


Steps 1: Check from bahmni_pacs database in the modality table for the IP : port and name are defined correctly.

eg Name: DCM4CHEE IP:[Remote X-ray IP] Port:1235

  1. check from bahmni_pacs database in order_type table if the Id:1 is set with Name

eg: Radiology Order and Modality ID as 1 is mapped

  1. Create new AET in DCM4chee-web by adding AET Name as ImageSuite and IP:[Remote-Xray IP] port-104. Ensure the DCM4CHEE entity is there with information as well

  2. Check the Atom feed for the pacs_integration if is moving or not.

  3. If atom feed is moving goto Modality worklist and click search.

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