Radiology Order in Worklist

When superman or doctors set radiology order through patient dashboard, the ORM order does not appear on the dcm4chee modality worklist, so further this order can not be seen on x-ray machine console.


How to fix these problem, i followed all steps mentioned to setup pacs-integration service with dcm4chee, and What further to do?


Hi @ahmedgad,

Just confirming, Have you done data setup mentioned on this page

and step 3 mentioned on this page

If yes, can you check if there are any failed events in bahmni_pacs database?

select * from failed_events;

Yes, i did all that.

I was missing Setting up Procedure Codes, and now i have setup one concept for testing, everything is Ok and there is no failed events in bahmni_pacs database.


The order is still not appear on dcm4chee worklist!!!


Lets do a skype call tomorrow. what time suits you? i have messaged you my skype id. pl add me and we can coordinate further on that.