Radiology module won't send orders to DCM4CHEE

Hi all,

I have installed the radiology module running on platform 2.0 and a running instance of dcm4chee.

I can successfully create Radiology orders from openmrs BUT they do not show up in dcm4chee’s modality worklist interface.

Also - is it possible for the radiology module to show DICOM images without having to go to dcm4chee?

dcm4chee runs on http://localhost:8081/dcm4chee-web3/

Radiology settings. Dicom Webviewer url: /dcm4chee-web3, port: 8081.

I’d really appreciate any help on this.



Dear Andrew, does not send radiology orders to dcm4chee at the moment. This was done in a hacky/synchronous way before, but the way this was done was not fit for production (PACS down at the moment you created the order, the order message would not reach the PACS, PACS back up again, the order message was not resent by the module). All the mess in the code was also holding back the development of the module so it had to go. What would be needed is a message queue which takes care of sending HL7 order messages to the PACS, it would retry sending the order message in case the PACS is currently down, … OpenMRS does not provide such a message queue for outgoing HL7 messages. This is THE big missing piece in the puzzle of the radiology module. Therefore it cannot be used in production in my opinion. The radiologyapp + pacsintegration module solves this by using mirth (which is a communication server) which plays the role of the HL7 message queue. I am very sorry that the module does not provide this, I wish it did and would be production ready but it simply isnt and we do not have the resources to make it so :disappointed_relieved:

since this issue comes up regularly I updated the limitations sections in the readme

Thanks for the clarification.

Does the radiologyapp module have capabilities to view images in PACS? Or that’s handled separately by an external application (weasis?)


not sure about the radiologyapp I can only speak for the radiology module: the radiology module adds hyperlinks to its UI which would open a DICOM study in an external application such as weasis. However, this link currently leads nowhere, since this only works when the radiology module sends HL7 order messages to the PACS on order creation. The radiology module generates a Study Instance UID which needs to be sent in this order message and it is through this UID that we can open the study in the external application. Since the HL7 message is not sent at the moment the link in the UI is broken.

Ok, thanks

No, the radiologyapp doesn’t allow for viewing images, just textual reports. (But there is currently no way to write reports in the radiologyapp either–in our case they come into the system via the pacsintegration module).

Take care, Mark