radiology module: new documentation

Dear all,

I updated the documentation for the radiology module.

I used asciidoc which is like markup with some nice tools to create html, pdf, ebooks :slight_smile: So we are prepared and flexible for the future.

The project can be found here:

Its a work in progress so if you find an issue or want me to clarify some points, please tell me or issue a pull request :wink:

I uploaded a pdf of the current status to section Installation.

Happy reading!


I’m glad you’re thinking about this in a forward-looking way!

One thought: our convention has ben that repos named openmrs-module-* refer to modules themselves. Perhaps a new convention to start would be openmrs-doc-*, so in this case you’d call it openmrs-doc-module-radiology.

This is great. Will check it out when i get home. :slight_smile:

This is aweosme! But is there any good reason to maintain a separate repository for docs rather than just a /docs directory at the root level?

your totally right, there is no reason. spring-xd also has it in the same repo with their code. I am also in favor of having it all in one place.

I just wanted to get asciidoctor setup first and gain some more experience with it. I’ll integrate it soon. there is even a maven plugin for generating the html, but I guess there’s a maven plugin for almost anything :slight_smile:

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Really looking forward to you testing this approach for us! :trophy:

renamed the repo, it is now at GitHub - teleivo/docs-openmrs-module-radiology: 📖 Documentation of the OpenMRS Radiology Module hope thats also ok with the openmrs convention.

furthermore I use travis to publish any changes to the docs to github pages, see

will be looking into ways of integrating it with the modules source code directly, so its all in one place.

There’s a hypothetical benefit of having all openmrs repos be named openmrs-* (and therefore openmrs-doc-xyz is “better” than doc-openmrs-xyz), but there’s not any actual tooling or process built around this idea. :slight_smile:

Ill rename it when we get there, and it might be incorporated into the codes repo anyway :slight_smile: