radiology module: development updates/infos

Hello X-ray friends :atom:

I am opening this topic so people interested in news about development of the can subscribe to this topic and will stay in the loop!

current news:

cheers and stay tuned!

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Hello there :tent:

its been a while since the last update, so here is what happended:

  • documentation for configuration and the requirements of the radiology module are automatically pushed from its git repo to so anyone can refer to this page for up to date infos
  • we added a demo-data.sql which can be imported into the database after the radiology module is deployed. this configures the rad module and adds a set of patients and users/providers for each radiology role along with a set of radiology cases :hospital: so devs and users interested in the features can directly see what can be done with the module
  • the readme of got revamped + a set of other readmes for demo-data, docker, developer guides can be found under docs/
  • we removed our dependency to the emrapi which makes it way easier to setup the module
  • MRRT report templates
    • merged our first PR of @ivange94 !
    • users can now import MRRT report templates
    • see a list of imported MRRT report templates and filter them by their title (powered by REST services :satellite: )
  • larry is working hard on letting users see the MRRT Report Templates which will become available soon
  • docker :whale2: one of my favorites I have to say :slight_smile:

this is all for now, talk to you soon with the next update

This is amazing! @teleivo, @ivange94 and the rest of the team, please keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


Great working spirit @teleivo, @ivange94 :slight_smile:

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