Radiology and PACS Integration work as a RIS

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I have a question about Bahmni workflow and integration with PACS (DCM4CHEE). Does this workflow work as a RIS?, or is this like a RIS?, or the RIS is integrated into the workflow of Bahmni EMR?

In the installation guide Bahmni, in the section Radiology and PACS Integration, there is an image.

I can see that in the workflow involved modalities (digital x-ray, USG), but, is it possible to link the Bahmni with a modality?, can Bahmni send a radiology order to a modality?, after the process of scanning of a patient modality, is it possible to alert to bahmni that the image is into the pacs? If it is that way, I guess the image would be ready for the next step in the process (diagnosis, reports, etc).

Is it possible to link Bahmni with other modalities?, can you help me with these steps to configure and integrate Bahmni and pacs, and testing with a modality (digital x-rays, tomography, mammography, etc).

Thanks for the support.

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Hi Frank, Can you elaborate what you mean when you say workflow like RIS. The wiki here explains it briefly what Bahmni supports.

So it is definitely possible to connect Bahmni to a modality via PACS and send radiology orders to it. And then the results can be seen by clicking on a link on patient dashboard.
A PACS or certain functionalities of PACS (mini-PACS) (ORM interface to listen to ORM messages sent by Bahmni and then communicate to modality, worklist server, DICOM server) would be required in between.

If the hospital doesn’t already have a PACS, DCM4CHEE can be used.

I have recently done a slightly different setup than what is indicated in the diagram you shared. The setup looks something like below

A feature to alert to bahmni that the image is into the PACS is not present. But if the image is not present the link gives a message indicating that the image is not present.

Linking to Bahmni with other modalities should also be possible theoretically we haven’t yet tried it out at any of our existing implementations.

You can try the steps mentioned in the implementation guide and pose specific questions where you face a difficulty.


hello Frank

I cant really comment on whats Bhamni is able to do in terms of RIS functionality but i presume you should be able to send orders from opemrs … execute them by configuring a modality worklist on your end and then receive the results back in OpenMRS (This is what we are doing with the radiology module - which is not on bhamni

We are have integrated the MWL , orders and HL7 Messaging - which we are correcting for user friendly errors

Next we are building a reporting tool for radiologists that generates a reading list, allows one to claim a study and enter a report and then sends the PDF to your PACS. The report is tied to the orderable concept as mapped by CIEL

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Hi Arjun and Judy,

I hope you forgive me for responding late.

Arjun, I really appreciate the information you share me. Now I understand the concept of Bahmni and integration with PACS. Now I have only one question, What do I have to set in bahmni, to send in radiology orders to more than one modality (digital x-rays, tomography, mammography, etc).

Judy, I understand that OpenMRS is working on a module radiology. Do you plan to integrate the module with Bahmni EMR?

I appreciate your answers.

Thank you.

Dear @frodriguezm17

we do not have plans to do that. Currently the module uses the openmrs core legacy UI, in the future you might be able to use the new UI framework with it or maybe there will be a RIS JS webapp. But right now the focus is on getting a solid radiology module which adds the RIS part onto OpenMRS core.

But of course, anybody is welcome to contribute. So if someone would like to integrate it with Bahmni. He is more then welcome!


Hi @frodriguezm17, Sorry for replying late. I somehow missed reading this. Right now Bahmni doesn’t send the modality name as part of the ORM message. So it doesn’t send the specific orders to specific modality. We didn’t have any actual implementation asking for this so we haven’t yet decided on the approach to implement this. Do you have a real usecase? Can you elaborate a bit more on how you would like this to work?

We would also like to integrate with the radiology module at some point in time, though there are no specific plans for that yet.

On a slightly different note but relevant to this thread title, i have written a blog post explaining the integration with a CR machine at one of the implementation. The intention is to explain doing the needed set up using a concrete example.

Any feedback/suggestion welcome.

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